Beginning in 1978, The Ecliptic Consulting Group (ECG) engaged the professional services world to bring leading strategy and people management concepts to practice in technical fields. Over the years, we have uncovered keys that allow organizations to efficiently use "C" suite (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.) business topics at the cutting edge of thought leadership to gain access and influence in many of the top firms in the world. In 2014, a global mindset specifically toward big "S" Sustainability is one of those keys to the "C" suites of your organizations and client organizations.

The author is a 25-year veteran of consulting with technical professionals, has a master's degree in Organizational Sustainability, and is a strong supporter of using business topics as leverage to open up and expand critical business relationships. This paper will demystify modern sustainability as it relates to emerging business models in 2014. A distinction will be made between our current understanding of sustainability and the future of this fast moving and often confusing topic.

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