This paper provides practical skills, methods and tools for an HSE professional to more effectively facilitate and lead a group performing a Risk Assessment process. It demonstrates new resource tools that would also be suitable for participants of the ASSE Risk Assessment Institute.

While applicable to any Risk Assessment process, the content and underlying principles described and developed are consistent with ANSI/ASSE Z690: 2011. By applying the skills and tools learned, participants will be more competent and confident that future risk assessment processes they lead and conduct will enhance the accuracy and reliability of current processes. The details of a facilitator's guide are provided and described using a specific practical application / case study of a real OHS risk. This participative example will be performed by attendees. Besides catering for the general group dynamics and interpersonal factors / issues of any workgroup activity, the paper details the facilitation skills, tips and pitfalls also related to unique aspects of the risk assessment process.

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