Safety and Health Considerations of the Older Worker (with Tips / Techniques to Promote Safety and Health)" is designed to inform the audience of safety and health issues surrounding the older worker, especially those that perform physical work. This course also is intended to familiarize the attendees with the traditional workplace safety and health challenges of the older worker while also addressing their value to an organization.

Intended Audience

This presentation is primarily intended to provide supervisors, managers and safety coordinators, in nearly every organization in the country, with information concerning safety and health and the older worker. This presentation has value for those organizations whose older workers routinely perform physically challenging work and a high degree of safety and health awareness.

This training is applicable to employers and employees in nearly all places of employment including but not limited to general industry, construction, manufacturing, service, transportation services, etc.

Presentation Topics

  • Understand that the workforce is changing in many ways to include increasing diversity in terms of age.

  • The aging of the workforce brings benefits and challenges

  • What are the real positives the older worker brings to the workplace?

  • What are the challenges in terms of safety and health for the employer and employee?

  • What we can do as safety professionals to promote a safe work environment and mitigate the challenges?

  • Tips and Techniques to effectively support an aging workforce.

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