Business partners play vital role in achieving world class HSE performance in any industry. Health, Safety, Environment is one of the key strategic objectives of all organizations nowadays; hence, it is of paramount importance to move together with business partners to achieve business objectives with world class HSE Performance. In order to promote safe work environment at the contractor's work sites, full cooperation and commitment of contractor's workers as well as contractor's management are absolutely essential, supported by operator organization's (termed as ‘operators’ herein after) leadership and commitment. (The words ‘business partner’ and ‘contractor’ are used in this paper, however, the interpretation of both the words leads to one meaning only).

The Industry continues to encounter new horizons and environmental pressures that are changing and challenging day after day. Significantly, HSE performance is becoming one of the corporate values, especially as the oil and gas industry plays a key role in addressing some of most important HSE issues of present and future times. This is a more challenging especially when diversified workforce (working personnel are from diversified countries) is engaged posing a great challenge in getting the message through to achieve world class HSE performance, which is beyond compliance.

Organizations (operators) bring business partners on board to achieve its business objectives, whilst ensuring business continuity and preventing damage to people, property and the environment. Progressing in the path to achieve business objectives, every organization aims to prevent all contractor accidents. The inherent risks in the type of work activities involved in a project are considered, evaluated and controlled together with effective means of ensuring that contractors hired have HSE knowledge and commitment and must have undergone training.

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