The mobile application revolution is sweeping the nation and the world. There are over a million mobile applications (or apps) available for download to do everything from depositing checks, displaying documents, finding restaurants, shopping, social networking, and of course, playing video games. All of these apps in some way make our lives easier, more convenient, or just more enjoyable.

The revolution doesn't show any signs of slowing. Sales of smart phones outpaced traditional PCs in 2011, and it is estimated that sales of tablet devices will outpace the notebook in 2013.2,3 Mobile devices are also making inroads into routine business use. According to research by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), users of the iPad3 report an increase in use of the device for business purposes over previous versions of the iPad (21% vs. 13%).

Despite the vast number of mobile apps available and the increasing use in the business environment, the mobile revolution hasn't fully reached safety professionals. While there are quite a few mobile safety apps available to safety professionals, the offerings that are available today are limited in their impact on productivity and safety performance. Mobile apps do however offer a new and innovative opportunity to increase efficiency, increase employee participation in safety programs, and increase safety program performance.

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