Organizations involved in managing construction contractors in Asian countries often face various degrees of challenges to attain and maintain a high level of safety performance. Few contractors have well-established safety programs, whereas a large section, mostly engaged in small or medium scale projects, do not demonstrating a satisfactory level of safety awareness and systems.

With the steep rise in industrialization and economy in Asia, the demand for construction contractors also saw a rapid increase in all construction sectors. Projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to mega ones, with price tags of a couple billion dollars, became reality.

Contractors with inadequate experience, lack of profound safety systems and commitment, and an unqualified workforce, along with other coexisting factors, result in unsafe construction sites, a large number of crippling accidents, and irreparable losses.

The objective of this paper is to identify strategies that customer or project management organizations managing construction projects may adopt for effective contractor management and safe execution.

Contractors willing to work with clients with international repute may find these information useful to understand Global benchmarks for safety in construction project sites.

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