In my 20 years of safety experience, I have seen few subjects that cause as much consternation as recordkeeping and claims reporting. The OSHA standard is written in black and white; yet there are many OSHA interpretation letters written on the subject. What's worse, there seems to be much confusion between OSHA recordkeeping and worker's compensation reporting requirements. I delved into the subject many years ago when I was tasked as a young safety professional to tackle a very large company's recordkeeping issues. The subject fascinates me, because no matter how much I may know and understand about this subject, I always manage to get a question about recordkeeping from clients and seminar attendees that I must think over before being able to answer correctly. In some instances, much research and debate has evolved from these questions. Because of this, I have since put together a presentation on recordkeeping that over the years continues to be immensely popular. I have summarized many of the points of my presentation here in this white paper.

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