Have you ever heard of an affliction known as "Seasonal Driving Amnesia" (SDA)? Don't feel bad if you haven't; it was "invented" for the purposes of this article. However, just because it was made up does not mean that it doesn't really exist. Think about it. For those of you who drive in areas that receive snow, have you ever noticed that there are an inordinate number of vehicle crashes during the first snowfall of the season? Why does this happen!? Do people forget how to drive in the snow from one year to the next? Do they forget that, when the roads are slippery, they need to slow down and leave a greater following distance? There is a case here to substantiate the existence of SDA.

In reality, there are specific driving dangers and challenges associated with all four of the seasons. This article covers each of these seasonal issues and provides solutions that will help drivers remain safe throughout the entire year.

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