Well, you knew there might be a sequel. If possible, a third in this series may happen also. In the first seminar, Bag of Tricks: Presentation Design I, a lot of new and different ideas was introduced. The general response to the presentation ran the gambit from "shock and awe" to "a deep desire to fix every training presentation they ever made."

The intent of Design I was to change a paradigm. Too often, we find ourselves sitting through very boring presentations (you, me and my grandmother have all had that experience). After Design I, many people found they could not look at presentations the same way again.

The main purpose of this paper is show examples and still introduce some new ideas for everyone to ponder.

This was set up an as a non-linear presentation, which basically means the audience decides where the presentation goes. In this case, the audience could pick one of four areas to "travel" to. After the area was done, the audience would pick one of the three remaining choices, and so forth.

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