This presentation and paper will break barriers to safety, health, ergonomics and environmental protection (SHEEP) communication and build bridges to the 21st century across managerial, cultural, linguistic and gender differences. It will involve audience participation. It will facilitate communication of SHEEP, productivity, economic and other challenges and controls across cultures. It applies directly to the diverse work force and multinational management.

The objective of this presentation and paper is to facilitate communication between management, labor, and professionals in the 21st century. It will build bridges across managerial, cultural, linguistic and gender differences. Relationship between various components of SHEEP will be explored. It will:

  • promote a holistic approach to SHEEP

  • enhance an understanding of the cultural variations of SHEEP risks

  • discuss the role of sustainable development and profits in improving the quality for life

  • review some challenges facing multinationals and small businesses

  • conduct some exercises involving the participants to solve their specific cultural SHEEP challenges and appropriate case studies.

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