No matter where you work there are politics, whether you want to admit it or not. Managing the employee who work for you is one thing, but managing your peers and your boss are quite another. Managing your peers and your boss or, managing up has several connotations. One definition is managing peers through your boss. The other common definition more often used is "sucking up." As you might imagine, there is a lot more behind "managing up." Master it and your path up may be cleared. If you fail to master it you may find it to be a career stopper.

In a perfect world, all managers would be idyllic. However, in the "Real World," managers are human and not perfect. They are often far from perfect. I've learned much about how to be a good manager from those bosses who were bad managers. I've also learned from the great managers, who lead people and manage things. What you will find here are some of the things I've learned through my career regarding this sensitive topic.

It is unfortunate, but the world is replete with unskilled managers. These unskilled managers cause sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, depression, headaches, ulcers, fights with coworkers, absenteeism, overworking, and/or substance abuse, etc. Why are there so many poor managers? Some are promoted based on technical expertise and not management ability and often with no training. Some are promoted because they have been there the longest or based on seniority. The thinking is that they know how the company works, however, they may have no skill in managing people. And thirdly, some are promoted for political reasons.

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