Major companies and multi-national organizations engage many contractors into their workforce in order to achieve their production targets and strategic business objectives. Contractors come from many different backgrounds, have varying skill sets and, in some cases, speak many languages. Many of them also have a general practice that they in-turn engage many sub-contractors to complete the tasks. It is of prime importance for any organization to ensure that their contractors and sub contractors are complying with the companies SH&E management systems regarding contractor management in order to achieve organization SH&E Goals, Corporate Social Responsibility requirements, and compliance with all legal requirements. All of these require a particular form of individual rigor in order to ensure that there is a ‘fit’ to the ‘corporate culture’ of the parent organization. Many companies throughout the world have established SH&E management Systems and a systematic approach to the management of contractors and sub-contractors so that the risks to the health of company and contractor Staff, all stake holders and the environment are protected. This paper describes the case studies of successful organizations from UK, USA, Australia and Gulf Region on how they developed and implemented the contractor SH&E Management practices and improved overall SH&E performance. Each panel member will focus / describes on Top 5 Best Practices of contractor SH&E Management and associated initiatives within their organization.

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