This paper will address the electrical hazards analysis; the hazards of electricity; the OSHA Act and electrical safety regulations; ANSI/IEEE C2 National Electrical Safety Code; and NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace for the electrical safety requirements, procedures, and responsibilities that pertain to all multi-employer worksites which include the "host" and all "contract" and outside service personnel working within or on an industrial or utility facility or complex. The requirements for safe work practices and personal protective equipment (PPE) for all "contract" employers' employees performing work on a "host" site will be addressed. The multi-employer relationship requirements between the "contract" and "host" employers will be discussed in detail. In order to protect all of the "host" and "contract" employer's employees, a series of events must take place, as follows:

  • Electrical Hazards Analysis – required for identifying the electrical hazards, establishing the hazard protection boundaries, providing the basic elements for the electrical safety program and multi-employer relationship, and the required PPE.

  • Electrical Hazards – all employers and employees must have at least a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the electrical hazards of shock, arc flash, and arc blast, along with the physiological effects of each hazard.

  • Electrical Safety Program – once the hazards have been identified an electrical safety program, along with safe work procedures, must be developed. The multi-employer relationship or worksite policy must be a component of the electrical safety program. All affected employees must be trained to thoroughly understand the electrical safety program.

  • Personal Protective Equipment – Performing the electrical hazards analysis, understanding the effects of the electrical hazards, and developing an electrical safety program will logically lead up to the employer providing and the employee using the appropriate PPE. All affected employees must be trained on the proper selection and use of the PPE.

  • Multi-Employer Relationship (working with contractors) – All of the above topics must be addressed when developing the multi-employer relationship program.

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