Safety professionals often have contact with a variety of people in a variety of different occupations. Although it is the job of the safety professional to ensure safe operations, achieving safe conditions involves many different people and roles. Proactive safety professionals can create successful fall protection, and other project solutions, by reaching out to other professions – teaching them about safety and involving them in the process of reducing risk.

To illustrate how being proactive with other professionals can contribute to overall safety success, a case study from the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) will be used. AOC is charged with the care and preservation of the nation's historic buildings and treasures. Buildings include the U.S. Capitol, House and Senate office buildings, dorms, and day care centers, as well as off-campus facilities such as warehouses and industrial facilities. Project types include renovation, construction, and demolition, involving various sites both on and off Capitol Hill. With the variety of project types and locations, AOC personnel have a wide variety of experience in engineering, architecture, design, and, of course, safety.

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