The work presented in this paper is a continuation of the efforts related to the development and subsequent redeployment of the Textron Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS), and how that system is used to achieve desired and measurable continual EHS performance improvement. At Safety 2008, Textron presented session #559, Trials and Tribulations of an EHS Management System. This work is the natural continuation of that session, and is intended to detail the strategy that was developed during 2008 and early 2009 to redesign and redeploy an enhanced EHS Management System across the enterprise.

The paper will highlight the history of the Textron EHS Management System to provide the reader an important background in developing and implementing a customized management system. Next, the paper details the successes and the failures of the previous system, setting the stage for the complete system overhaul conducted during 2008. The work then shifts to discuss detailed information on how the revised system was designed, how it is measured and assessed, and most important, how it drives a consistent correlation between implementation and desired results achieved.

An EHS management system is a known and accepted method for driving EHS performance improvement. However, correlation between system implementation and results achieved is often either misunderstood or taken for granted without real proof. As part of the Textron EHSMS Strategy project, a conscious effort was made to develop a system that would allow for that correlation not only to be evident, but intuitive. This work will be of great interest to those individuals and businesses that are not only trying to develop an internal EHS management system, but also to those that seek to have a better understanding of how management systems correlate to improved EHS performance.


At Textron, our vision is to be the premier multi-industry company. In order to accomplish that vision and consider ourselves premier, our safety performance must match the levels of excellence of all other business areas: cost, quality, customer service, schedule, productivity, and many others.

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More specifically, our safety vision is to achieve zero injuries. And in 2007, Textron launched an initiative to understand, control, and eventually reduce our global carbon footprint through energy management and increased operational efficiencies. In order to succeed in these visions, we must be able to measure our performance and project milestones to drive continual improvement. Measuring performance, however, is much more than just knowing our injury and illness rates or our greenhouse gas emissions. To establish our pathway to premier performance, we developed the Textron Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS). Today, much of the low-hanging fruit is now gone, and we were forced to consider new ways to find and achieve continuing performance improvement on our way to premier.

In 2008, EHSMS underwent a major transition as the result of lessons learned from the original system, as well as peer and external benchmarked systems.

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