The purpose of this presentation is to increase the general awareness of attendees of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Professional Development Conference and Exposition in regards to Construction Users Round Table (CURT) membership practices as they relate to construction. The information is provided solely for the individual consideration and education of CURT members and the industry. The training and the materials used in the training do not necessarily represent the views of every CURT member company on this topic. This presentation is offered as informational materials only. CURT intends only to synthesize current thought and trends concerning the topic.

Neither CURT nor its committees make any warranty as to the completeness regarding the materials. Readers are encouraged to further research the topic before relying exclusively on these materials. Each CURT member and other readers of these materials are free, acting in its own discretion and its own perception of business self-interest, to reject or adopt the recommendations in whole or in part. Adoption and/or reliance upon these recommendations is strictly voluntary. A little information about CURT:

CURT's Mission for the Next Five Years and Beyond

  • CURT is the premiere Owners organization, recognized as leading key strategic stakeholders in driving continuous and significant improvement in the construction industry.

  • CURT is a leader in providing meaningful products and services, leading industry acceptance as well as implementation guidance to the construction industry.

Within the CURT organization there are a variety of Committees. The committee that we are a part of is the Safety Committee which is chaired by Jack Flannery. A brief description of the activities of CURT's Safety Committee include:
  • Develop tools for improving construction safety performance

  • Recognize outstanding owner and contractor safety performance

  • Communicate owner's position to regulatory agencies on safety issues and practices

  • Address problem areas and develop educational safety materials for owners

  • Represent CURT to ANSI Construction Standards Committee

CURT's Safety Committee has offered to share with this group -- a very effective tool. This tool has been named the Owners Safety Blueprint, and this is what we will be providing an overview of as time allows.

CURT developed this tool in 2005 and refined the tool in 2006. CURT's Safety Committee took a long hard look at the safety performance of its own membership and outside firms for calendar year 2004. When we took a closer look at the number of workers in the construction field, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the year 2004 there were approximately 7 million construction workers employed during that year. Out of the 7 million man workforce there were approximately 1,200 fatalities.

Besides the 1,200 fatalities for that year, there were over 210,000 lost day work injuries and over 400,000 OSHA recordable injuries. So, for the year 2004 there were over 600,000 construction workers who died or were injured on the job. Over 600,000 injuries reported -- truly an astounding number.

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