There are hundreds of Health, Safety, and/or Environmental Certifications potentially available to ASSE members throughout the world. These credentials have been created by organizations including public agencies, private entities, and professional societies. The purpose of this session is to provide information on a variety of International Professional Certifications. Due to time and space limitations this session is not meant to present an exhaustive list of International Professional Certifications.

The primary focus of this paper is on Safety Professional Certifications. Safety, Health, Health, and/or Environmental practitioners who are considering pursuing one or more Professional Certifications are advised to carefully examine the scope, recognition, and acceptance of the respective certifications. Information on specific certifications in this session has been obtained primarily from publicly available sources primarily from the respective certifying organization's web site. The reader should verify the specific information before committing extensive time and resources to the pursuit of a particular certification. First it may be helpful to consider the difference between a license and a certification and accreditation. Then we will discuss certification evaluation criteria, and finally present the information on specific certifications by locality.

License vs. Certification, Accreditation

A license is a government authorization given as official permission to do something, either fromgovernment or under a law or regulation. A certification is a voluntary measure of capability to perform a function. Accreditation has been defined as official recognition of a person or organization as having met a standard or criterion.

Professional Certifications by Location

In Europe, the development of a Europe-wide recognition of qualifications and competence levels for safety professionals is one of the goals of the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations (ENSHPO). Members of the ENSHPO steering committee include:

Further details on the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organization's current activities can be found at

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