Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) is a great process and tool that can only be fully utilized if employees take ownership of the process. The challenge for a successful BBS process is to create the culture within a company and individual facility sites that allows employees to take ownership of safety. The next step is to engage employees and allow them to take ownership of the process and call it their own. The road can be bumpy at times, but in the long run, the trip is rewarding. In this paper we will share what we have encountered along that road, both good and bad, and how we have created or are creating an employee owned BBS Process using a couple of our facilities as examples. At BPAmoco we are excited about the BBS process because we have seen that it works.

Keep in mind that each company, each location within that company and each employee at each location are unique. Thus, a successful BBS process needs to be tailored for each site. Our intent is to share our experiences in BBS processes with you in the spirit of helping others achieve the same ultimate goal we are after in safety, that is, to create an injury and incident free workplace.

Although our focus of this paper is on an employee owned BBS Process, the role of leadership cannot be underestimated in this process. At BPAmoco, we have over 100,000 employees in over 100 countries. It is a company that is a combination of BP, Amoco, Arco and Castrol. It is a diverse organization that never sleeps and those people are a source of our strength and a key to our safety efforts. Because we are counting on our employees to drive BPAmoco as a safe place to work, it is important that all of these employees are properly led in safety. Although we have always had continuous improvement in our safety performance, we still found ourselves, as a company, unhappy with our safety performance because our employees and contractors were being injured and experience pain and suffering. The leaders within our company are determined to create injury and incident free workplaces. For example of CEO, Sir John Browne, has clearly defined BPAmoco's goal by Stating:

"Our goals are simply stated: no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment"

With this simple statement, our leader set simple and clear direction for the company and employees to follow. The challenge is how to achieve this goal. BBS is helping us to achieve it.

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