Rock mechanics research in Ontario, Canada, received a new impetus in 1987 through the creation of three research chairs in mine design (at Queen's University), rock engineering (at the University of Toronto), and rock mechanics and ground control (at Laurentian University). In this manner, three teams involved in rock mechanics research were linked to enhance research productivity and technology transfer. This paper provides a brief overview and summary of the structure linking the three universities, and their current research projects.


In response to the recommendations contained in the 1986 report of the Provincial Inquiry into Ground Control and Emergency Preparedness (the Stevenson Commission), a number of initiatives were taken by the Ontario Provincial Government and the mining industry. Among these were the formation of a Mining Research Directorate (MRD), which is responsible for the coordination of mining industry sponsored research, and the creation of two Research Chairs, one at Laurentian University in the heart of Ontario's largest mining centre (Chair for Rock Mechanics and Ground Control) and the other at Queen's University (Chair for Mine Design). A third Industrial Research Chair was jointly sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Placer Dome Mines. It is located at the University of Toronto.

A formal arrangement has been established in which the three universities cooperate on research and teaching on subjects related to their fields. The three chair holders are each cross-appointed to the other two universities. This permits graduate students to obtain full credit for courses taken at another participating university and provides the necessary structure for joint supervision of research by them.

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