The paper presents a new immersed body method (IBM) in which the combined Finite-Discrete Element Method (FEMDEM) that deals with solids interactions is coupled to other modelling technologies e.g. CFD, interface tracking, porous media etc. The CFD solver, Fluidity which is a general purpose multiphase CFD code is capable of modelling a wide range of fluid phenomena involving single and multiphase flows. The FEMDEM code, Solidity, can capture the deformation of the rocks, the initiation/propagation of new cracks. The immersed body method combined with adaptive mesh refinement has been applied to simulate the interaction between the high-speed water jet and rock mass. The paper aims to deeply understand the rock fragmentation mechanism and to explain the reasons for crack initiation, propagation and fragment removal under the impact load of a high-speed water jet. It also investigates the effect of pore water pressure on rock erosion performance. The results are in good agreement with experimental results.

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