A methodology for a 3D geomechanical model for shale plays based on pre-stack time migration (PSTM), 1D geomechanical model and geochemical analysis, is presented in this study to understand an unconventional reservoir in Colombia. Vertical Transverse Isotropy (VTI) was used to calculate the anisotropic mechanical properties of the shale. A drilling campaign has encountered several exceptional shales plays in Colombia in the past few years. Geomechanical and geochemical characterization of these shales have been used to provide the required information for the designing of optimal well trajectories and understanding reservoir and completion qualities. Additionally, extensive tri-axial, pyrolysis measurements have been included in the study to calibrate the mechanical properties and organic composition from well logs. The critically stressed fracture concept has been included in the geomechanical model to determine the conductivity of the natural fractures in the shale play.

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