A persistent increase in the permeability of a rock mass caused by transient stress disturbances, when they exist, can explain the change in groundwater level as well as the petroleum production by seismic waves in the far-field. However, it has yet to be clarified whether the transient stress disturbances induce an increase or decrease in the rock permeability. To clarify the effects of transient stress disturbances on the rock permeability, permeability measurements were carried out on intact and triaxially fractured Shikotsu welded tuff, both before and after the occurrence of axial stress or pore pressure transient disturbances. Based on the experimental results, both types of stress disturbances showed an increasing effect on the permeability for fractured rocks. However, only the pore pressure disturbances showed an increasing effect for intact rocks. It can be estimated that rock masses consisting of glassy pyroclastic rock may exhibit an increase in the permeability through disturbances in the transient stress.

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