We present a constitutive model for the anisotropic poroelastoplastic behaviour of deformable fractured porous media. The model is obtained through an upscaling procedure based on the method of volume averaging. Averaging is carried out over a Representative Elementary Volume consisting of a solid matrix cut by a discrete distribution of fractures. A mixeddimensional formulation of the governing equations of coupled fluid flow and mechanical deformation at the Darcy-scale is first presented. The rock matrix is treated as a three-dimensional continuum, and modelled as linear elastic, while the fractures are treated as interfaces, and modelled as poroelastoplastic. The flow within the fractures is assumed to be of Darcy type. Starting from the averaging rules for the macroscopic stress and strain in fractured materials, the equations governing poroelastoplasticity in deformable fractured porous media are then derived. Finally, current limitations and possible further extensions of the model are discussed.

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