the objective of this study was to describe a new methodology for the preparation of synthetic oil sand cores, with rock physics and microstructure representative of the land-facies oil sand deposits of Karamay. This technique involves several steps: sand grains preparation, bitumen heating, sand grains and bitumen mixing, and core packing under the axial compression. Some laboratory experiments such as tests of porosity, uniaxial compression, and SEM were conducted to compare the difference petrophysical properties between synthetic oil sand cores and natural oil sand samples. Several technical issues of sample preparation conditions of oil sand are discussed, and the results derived from laboratory experiments have proved this new method can be used in the determination of porosity-permeability relationships and uniaxial compression strengths of Karamay oil sand. In fact, this technique could be applied for synthetic oil sand cores prepared with any grain-size distribution, a certain void rate, and under certain compression pressure condition during packing.

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