3D perforated fracturing model was established to study the influences of different perforation parameter, shot length, shot phase, and shot density, on fracturing pressure in horizontal wells. The results revealed that induced fractures initiated at the base of perforation. Moreover, the change trend of fracture pressure with the increase of perforation length was divided into three stages; fracture pressure increased with the perforation phase rising, expect for perforation phase of 180°; fracture pressure, however, decreased with the increase of perforation density. In the meantime, laboratory experiments were conducted to verify the results of numerical calculation. The change trend of fracture pressure was similar in both results. In addition, the fracture pressure depended not only on perforation parameters, but also on fracture geometry. Complex fracture resulted in high friction and high fracture pressure. Ultimately, deep perforation length, high perforation density, and perforation phase of 60° should be designed to improve the effect of perforated fracturing with low burst pressure and simple fracture geometry.

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