Results from three compressive creep tests on dried crushed salt, focused on identifying the influence of pore pressure during reconsolidation, are presented. All tests were completed under a macroscopic hydrostatic confining pressure of 30 MPa while the internal pore pressure varied from zero to 20 MPa across the tests. All tests were held under constant creep conditions for approximately 24 hours at an elevated temperature of 170°C, and isotropic volumetric plastic deformations were observed as the sample porosities decreased by over 3%. Plastic volumetric strain rates during the creep tests varied from 3 • 10–5 down to 4 • 10– 8sec 1, and the combined results from these tests indicate the volumetric deformations of a crushed-salt sample under creep conditions is influenced by the application of pore pressure within a bulk sample.

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