Because of the long, linear nature of railway corridors, they often cross areas that are highly susceptible to landslides. In order to assess the hazard posed by the probability of landslides occurrence, detailed data such as slope geometry, geotechnical and geomechanical properties of materials, drainage system pattern etc. are needed. Once available, input data must be analyzed with an objective approach in order to obtain landslide susceptibility maps and plan proper remedial works. The MultiCriteria Analysis (MCA) provides a decision-making tool in complex situations where multiple criteria are involved and a well-structured decision-making process is needed. Moreover, MCA can be applied in a GIS environment when geocoded data are available. This paper presents an application of MCA to map landslide hazard along railway corridors in order to support decision-makers in defining the most appropriate mitigation measures and planning their implementation. Examples of application to some hundreds km long railway lines in Central Italy will be presented.

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