Biomineralization is a novel technology for engineering applications, including subsurface applications such as sealing fractures or improving wellbore integrity. Recently, biomineralization has been demonstrated to produce art pieces such as a model of the Bridger Mountain Range and the Montana State University mascot, the Bobcat. For the biomineralized Bridger Mountain range project, the interdisciplinary team of undergraduate engineering and art students designed and constructed an approximately 3ft × 1ft × 1ft replica of the Bridger Mountain range outside of Bozeman (MT) for the MSU College of Engineering (COE). The project was sponsored by the “Engineers Make a World of Difference” design contest. The biomineralized Bridger Mountain Range model currently resides in the entrance foyer area of the COE Dean’s office at Montana State University. The Bridger Mountains are named after a famous pioneer of the 1800’s, Jim Bridger, who explored and discovered the world around him. The students anticipate that just as Jim Bridger was a pioneer of the past, this project shows that engineers are the pioneers of the present. Their successful vision and execution of the project is now proudly displayed to promote the spirit of discovery and imagination at Montana State University.

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