A rock slide occurred during excavation of the steep stilling basin rock slopes for the Neelum Jhelum hydroelectric project, disrupting construction progress. Post-slide geologic evaluations of the sliding mode facilitated redesign of the slope excavation and temporary support. To expedite construction, the detailed redesign was performed in parallel with reconstruction efforts. The observational approach was carried out by a dedicated field engineering team to rapidly collect new geologic information, perform slope stability analyses, and implement field decisions to meet the excavation design intent. Recommendations by the engineer enabled the contractor to improve blasting designs, reduce blast damage, and improve the quality of rock support systems. With careful surveillance and instrumentation monitoring the revised excavations were completed without further incident.


  • Lot C1 includes the diversion dam, appurtenant headwork structures, and the initial segment of the headrace tunnels.

  • Lot C2 is the main site for headrace tunnel construction.

  • Lot C3 includes the powerhouse complex, surge shaft, penstocks, and the tailrace tunnel.

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