This paper presents a three-dimensional non-planar model to analysis the propagation of hydraulic fracture from highly deviated wells. This model is based on high-order Generalized Finite Element Method (high-order GFEM), which has applied the partition of unity for discontinuity modelling. This method is designed to inherit the advantages of both GFEM and meshfree method, and it is able to increase the order of approximation which will avoid the area of constant zero-stress. Two verification examples are investigated and are compared to the observations achieved in existing experiments. In order to study the fracture initiation and propagation mechanism of deviated wells and investigate the effect of well deviations, well azimuths and perforation angles on fracture propagation, the first numerical test has modelled the propagation of fractures from a deviated well with oriented perforation. In the second example the present method is utilized to simulate simultaneous fracturing from three perforating clusters in a horizontal well. Numerical results of these two tests agree well with the existing experimental results and numerical results.

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