Geomechanical modeling of a reservoir has a very important role in all parts of a field lifecycle. In this paper, we demonstrate a new method for modeling the distribution of elastic properties in the whole reservoir using the concept of geomechanical units (GMUs). In this study, a GMU is a cluster of Young’s, Bulk and shear modulus, Poisson’s Ratio and unconfined uniaxial strength. To establish these GMUs we used eight wells and the Post-stack seismic data in the field of interest. Dynamic elastic parameters were computed from logging data of mentioned wells. To convert these dynamic parameters to static values, empirical equations were determined in a neighboring field of Salman, in the interval of Kangan and Dalan formations. In the next step, Multi-resolution graph-based clustering was applied to these static elastic parameters to construct five distinct GMUs. For three-dimensional modeling of GMUs, the 3D acoustic impedance model of the field was made by genetic inversion and used as a secondary parameter of Co-kriging. The amounts of elastic parameters of each GMU at the location of well number six in the final 3D model are found to be in good agreement with the known values of this well.

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