This study introduces a method for determining Mode II dynamic fracture toughness using short-core-in-compression(SCC) rock specimens. The SCC specimens which have two notches are loaded dynamically by split Hopkinson pressure bar apparatus. A pulse shaping technique with copper disc pulse shaper was used to achieve the stress equilibrium state through the specimen before failure initiating. A High speed digital camera was used to observe the occurrence of shear cracks between the notch tips. The dynamic loading tests of SCC specimens were performed in the range of 202GPa/s ~ 343GPa/s and obtained Mode II dynamic fracture toughness was between 6.26MPa m1/2 ~ 7.51MPa m1/2. The Mode II dynamic fracture toughness showed 2.7~ 3.1 times of Mode II static fracture toughness in this study.

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