Complex directional and horizontal well trajectories result in high torque and drag forces. The increase in these forces decreases the transfer efficiency of energy, which limits the potential depth the drill string and tubulars can reach. This paper illustrates the benefit of incorporating barite nanoparticles (NP) into Water Based Mud (WBM). Two formulations of 10 ppg API standard barite WBM with different rheologies were utilized as base cases. Chemical and mechanical methods of barite NP generation were used. This facilitated a better understanding of the effect of each NP generation mechanism on the friction coefficient (CoF). The experiment speculated that nano sized particles can generate a smooth film that coats the surfaces resulting in friction reduction. NP also increase mud rheology by providing more individual particles for a given concentration. This research aims to continue understanding barite NP performance, behavior, and their effect on the CoF and mud rheology for WBM systems. An application will be discussed in this paper to highlight the potential benefits.

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