A new technique has been developed to estimate how seismicity evolves through the mine, making the technique an interesting addition to defining areas with high, medium, and low damage potential due to their embedded seismic history. The use of solid triangulations in representing the areas of interest makes the developed methodology a simple and powerful addition to the study of seismicity in mines. The research illustrates a new technique to model seismic events and combine them into block models, providing the user with the ability to analyze these data as a function of time (4-D) model, with the possibility of combining different analysis criteria to display the data, create sections of the information in any direction needed, cut the data at any elevation to see what has happened through the life and development of the mine. The seismic history of the mine can be displayed and analyzed using the developed technique, defining areas of progressive deterioration associated to the energy levels released by the seismic events.

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