Monitoring of the Boguchany concrete gravity dam rock foundation condition includes collection and analysis of the data on external impacts and measurement of the diagnostic parameters of the dam rock foundation. The field observations were initiated at the start of the dam construction in 1983. During the period from 1998 to 2006 actually there was no construction work at the dam, however, instrumental observations continued. Construction of 96 m high Boguchany dam on the Angara River in Siberia was finished in 2012. On the 16-th of April 2012, impounding of the storage reservoir for the Boguchany hydropower project was started ,which is the 4-th hydraulic unit in the chain of hydro developments on the Angara river,. This paper sets out the basic results of observations covering this period and analyzes the findings .in the context of the general picture of the concrete dam foundation condition during the initial period of reservoir filling.'ÉP.

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