Based on the vector sum method, a practical rock slope near the bridge is analyzed. Different from traditional analysis methods, the vector sum method gives not only the safety factor but also the preferred sliding direction of sliding mass, which facilitates the supporting measures of the slope. Moreover, this method is simple in calculating process, and has clear physical meaning. In order to rational assess the stability of rock slope, this proposed method and the finite element strength reduction technique are used in practical rock slope. Besides the gravity load of the rock mass, the seismic load is taken into account, and the earthquake load is simply assumed to be a quasi-static load in this paper. The calculating results showed that the safety factor with the proposed method is in good agreement with that with the finite element strength reduction technique. According to the calculating results with both method above, it can be rationally considered that the factor of safety for this rock slope is about 1.60 under seismic load.

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