This work is a continuation of a series of experimental investigations on the effect of various parameters on the response of the single PDC cutter. Two sets of tests on Torrey Buff rock core samples were conducted using a high pressure single PDC cutter testing facility. The first set of tests were conducted by keeping the pore pressure at 410 psi and varying the confining pressure from 200 psi to 520 psi and; thereby, simulating a wide range of underbalanced to overbalanced drilling conditions. The second set was conducted by setting the pore pressure and confining pressure equal; i.e. the balanced pressure conditions with the pressures ranging from atmospheric pressure to 450 psi. The results of the first set of tests show that at 210 psi underbalance, the Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) is 58% of the MSE at the balanced conditions; while, extrapolating the trend the MSE at 210 psi overbalance is 117% of MSE at balanced pressure conditions. The second series shows an initial sharp increase of MSE as the pressure increases up to about 200 psi where is a maximum in MSE and then the values of MSE start to slowly decline as the pressure further increases.

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