In order to investigate into mechanical characteristics of rock surrounding entry with using bolt support system technology to control rock stability in large dip coal seams (LDCS) whose obliquity are from 25° to 45°, self-design rotatable experimental frame of similar material simulation was used to build the 30° model of solid-side entry based on analyzing geological and technological conditions in Huainan coal mines. Excavating and mining induced stress development, deformation characteristics, and breakage modes of rock surrounding gateway in LDCS have been synthetically analyzed. Results show that, influenced by large dip, asymmetrical characteristic of stress redistribution and deformation is to be serious and strata behaviors, such as roof falling and breaking, high-rib heaving and caving, floor heaving, and low-rib collapsing etc., are to be shrewd. All above utmost extent lead it is more difficultly to implement bolt support to control gateway rock stability in LDCSs mining. The high-rib and roof of entry in solid coal are the key sections to control in bolt support implementing. Effecting and Acting mechanism by large dip on mechanical characteristics of surrounding rock and bolt support system are opened. And it is also very important to improve support material, optimize support parameters, and enhance excavating management.


Coal seam obliquity increasing results in asymmetrical structure of extracting roadway and adds it is difficult to control rock stability while bolt support system is implemented, which limits safely and high-efficiently mining LDCS whose obliquity is from 25° to 45°.Simulation material physical experiment has been an important method and usually used to investigate into deformation, failure, and extracting-induced & mining-induced stress redistribution of rock. Also, the method has been applied to study mechanical characteristics of rock surrounding roadway with bolt support system and played active roles in mining engineering [1-10].

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