:In this paper, an analytical procedure for describing the wave progation in the rate-sensitive materials is proposed. This purpose is achieved by consideration of the kinematic configuration of wave-front in the space which satisfied the eikonal equation. The Drucker-Prager model is accepted to evaluation of the kinematic state of wave propagation in the plastic materials through consideration of the jump conditions of the governing equations of waves on the surface of the characteristic surface formed by the wavefront. The techniques of finite element and finite difference methods are employed in discretization of the governing equations in spatial space and the time domain, respectively.


Appliction of the waves to detect the mechanical properties as well as geomaterial structures of geomaterils is very important problem in rock engineering. Especially, waves are frequently utilized in practice in the form of elastic tomograph method for evaluation of the failuring(loosing) zone around a underground tunnel in tunnelling engineering

in recent years. It is, however, those techniques are almost constructed based on the elastic wave theory. That is, the nonlinear mechanical behaviors of rock mass are evaluated based on a base of linear mechanics method and this will lead to the theoretically unreasonability and limit their utilization in many cases.

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