: Results of analytical and numerical modeling of the stress state of rocks around tunnels designed for Pamir and Kokomeren hydropower stations are presented. New analytical method was developed to take into account geometry of both canyon and tunnel to locate the optimum site of the underground tunnel. The method was used to simulate real forms of canyon and tunnel. The method was used to evaluate the impact of the location of the Pamir tunnel on the stability of rocks in its vicinity. Results of overcoring and hydro fracture methods of stress measurements completed at the site of Kokomeren hydropower station are presented. The results of the field measurements were used to create an adequate finite-element model of the canyon. The FEM model was used to simulate the stress state of rocks before and after the erection of a soil dam. An analytical model was then used to evaluate the stress state of rocks around 2 underground tunnels before and after the construction of the dam.

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