: Engineering decisions related to large rock engineering projects such as underground facilities for radioactive waste storage, caverns of power plants, etc., bear high level of responsibility. To minimize the risk, comprehensive analysis of all available data and high-quality prognosis are needed. Modern information technologies provide possibility to create a decision support system, which may decisively increase the level of responsibility of taken decisions. Such decision support system should be integrated in the information platform of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Database Management System (DBMS). 1 INTRODUCTION There are several types of large-scale engineering projects, where many different interactive factors play decisive role in sustainability of the resulting system of natural and artificial (engineered) objects. One of the most frequently met situations of this kind is new development of congested urban environment, where new surface and underground structures change existing balance and urge for precise design, technology and management decisions to preserve this balance on a new level. Another case includes underground facilities for radioactive waste disposal.

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