: The Rock Mass Rating (RMR) has been used to estimate rock strength and deformation parameters of shallow rock layers for use in the analysis and design of laterally loaded, rock-socketed foundations. A foundation design model was developed and calibrated with seven full-scale load tests on rock-socketed transmission line foundations. Geotechnical explorations conducted at each site provided data to estimate the RMR of the rock layers. Correlations with the RMR provided estimates of rock strength and deformation parameters for use in the design model. Ultimate capacities and deformations predicted by the model were in good agreement with the results observed in the full-scale load tests. Conventional geotechnical explorations can provide sufficient data to estimate the RMR of rock. The load tests and model predictions indicate the RMR system allows the strength parameters and deformation modulus of rock layers to be estimated in a consistent way for use in designing transmission line foundations in shallow rock.

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