Grouting reinforcement is an effective supporting method to keep the roadway stable when the surrounding rock is loose, soft and broken. The paper introduces an ideal material for grouting reinforcement, ZKD Quick-setting and High-water-content material, whose consolidation mechanism is fully analyzed by lab tests. Notable improving effect on the mechanic properties of the broken rockmass can be achieved a engineering example. Application of grouting technology in the mining engineering has been one-and-half-century history. Cement slurry was applied to reinforce the mineshaft after it was invented in 1824. In the early twenty century, grouting technology started to be used in the rock strata, including underground roadway. From the sixties to now grouting technology were spread in the blocking against water, fire extinguishing, sealing firedamp, reinforcing broken rockmass and roof-fall accident in the mineshaft. Due to the advance of modern supporting theory and enhancement of grouting technology, grouting of sU1''1''ounding rock has been started to study and practice in the supporting field of softrock roadway in the recent twenty years.


The choice of grouting material is very important in the grouting technology. At present there are mainly chemical material, cement material, and cement-silica mixed material. Chemical materials include the category of acrylamide and the category of polyurethane, whose mainly advantages are well permeability and adjustable setting time, but they pollute environment and is poisonous.

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