Defining the fracture intensity in DFN models is crucial since a good refinement level is required to represent the insitu rock slopes conditions adequately. Most estimates are expressed in terms of the number of discontinuities per unit length (P10). However, the area of discontinuities per unit volume (P32) seems more suitable for rock slopes modeling with DFN, given its volumetric conception. Some methodologies allow estimating P32 indirectly from P10, using simulated DFN models. In this work, P10 is obtained directly from surface measurements using a close-range photogrammetry device. Then, the effect of discordant geometric data of discontinuities in P10 estimation is addressed. Finally, DFN modeling with values of P10 was performed to evaluate the incidence in the assessment of P32 and the realistic representation of the discontinuities observed in situ. The results allowed establishing some relevant conclusions regarding the representativeness of discontinuities in rocky slopes, using simulated volumetric intensities in DFN modeling.

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