As the owner and operator of all NPPs in Taiwan, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is responsible for the management of high level radioactive waste. According to the R&D results of TPC, TPC has accomplished “The Technical Feasibility Assessment Report on Spent Nuclear Fuel Final Disposal (SNFD2017 Report)” to make sure that the geological condition of Taiwan is suitable for geological disposal. The geological conceptual model developed in SNFD2017 Report is based on the geological, geophysical and geochemical surveys conducted on K area, which is a granitic offshore island. A hydrogeological conceptual model is constructed according to 6 boreholes logging data. Furthermore, all information derived from field data and in-situ hydraulic tests are reorganized as needed by DFN recipes. In the preliminary stage, TPC has been required to develop various underground assessment techniques which will be used under fractured crystalline rock environment. Basing on this SDM, a preliminary safety assessment and safety case have been accomplished. All the results have been integrated to “Taiwan case” in SNFD2017 Report.

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