Taiwan Power Company (TPC) has responsibility to well manage the spent nuclear fuel generated from three nuclear power plants in Taiwan and to plan domestic final disposal facilities according to the nuclear related Act in Taiwan. We adopted the KBS-3 disposal concept developed by Swedish SKB at present to develop our disposal technology capabilities. An offshore island mainly composed of crystalline rock was chosen for research and development purpose and regarded as a reference case in our Technical Feasibility Assessment Report on Spent Nuclear Fuel Final Disposal. A simplified conceptual geological model was established based on 6 boreholes (up to 500-meter depth) and surface survey. The fracture analyses and statistical DFN description were conducted based on the geophysical logging data and outcrop measurements to generate a DFN model. The equivalent continuous porous medium (ECPM) approach was then implemented to simulate regional groundwater flow. These results could provide the needed performance measures for the following radionuclide transport and safety assessment.

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