Spent nuclear fuel final disposal is a crucial issue for countries which use nuclear power for electricity generation. The purpose of publishing “The Technical Feasibility Assessment Report on Spent Nuclear Fuel Final Disposal (SNFD2017 Report)” is to demonstrate whether the SNFD in Taiwan is feasible. The aim of this study is to carry out the safety assessment works by applying the flow-related data generated from the hydrogeological model. The preliminary local data obtained from the test site at the offshore granitic islands in western Taiwan was adopted as the reference case practices to develop the technical feasibility of safety assessment. The scenario of canister failure due to corrosion which is most relevant to the geochemical and hydrogeological condition was selected in this work for demonstration. The hydro-DFN modeling software DarcyTools and radionuclide transport calculation software GoldSim were adopted in this study, and the variant sets for hydrogeological property of model were carried out to evaluate the uncertainties caused due to data and modeling simplification. This study demonstrated a preliminary safety assessment work by applied flow-related data generated by hydrogeological DFN model for spent nuclear final disposal in Taiwan.

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