In many instances geotechnical training and the generation of geotechnical logging procedures is undertaken using a generic application of accepted rockmass classification systems. These logging procedures regularly neglect to take into account the site specific rockmass characteristics and interpretations that are integral to the undertaking of a quality assured assessment of the rockmass conditions. In addition, the regular practice of fly in and fly out (FIFO) schedules and high personnel turnover leads to numerous quality control aspects related to the inconsistent acquisition of geotechnical data. Discussed is the approach and benefits of establishing a site specific detailed geotechnical logging atlas. This atlas should include aspects such as descriptions and photographic references to specific types of discontinuity characteristics for the various lithologies; rock strength testing and sampling procedures, as well as the reference logging of site representative boxes of core. Three case study examples are included in the paper. Also discussed will be the tailoring of a site-specific geotechnical data acquisition program relative to the level of study being undertaken, from exploration through to the final feasibility.


Geotechnical logging programs, as with geology logging programs, can be susceptible to quality control issues within the data set. These quality control issues typically arise from poorly-defined nomenclature and incorrect or inconsistent logging procedures at a site. Errors can be further exacerbated by the FIFO schedules of loggers at remote sites as well as the high turnover of personnel related to the current positive mining market. The creation of logging procedures manuals for quality control is not a new approach, but existing manuals tend to be generic documents. These documents are often carried without modification from one project to the next. This paper advocates the establishment of a site specific geotechnical logging atlas that achieves the consistent field determination of geotechnical parameters.

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