To further reveal the rock mechanical properties of granite with a pre-treated temperature range from 20°C to 1000°C, a series of uniaxial compression tests are conducted by using self-developed rock mechanics testing system. The mass, volume and ultrasonic P and S wave velocities of granite were measured before and after high temperature pre-treated, and XRD was applied to analyze the composition of granite after high temperature pre-treated. In addition, the SEM was used to observe the microscopic cracks. And the results indicate that the density of granite and measured P and S-waves velocities present a descending trend on the whole as the temperature goes up, but the decreasing trend flattens out sharply when the temperature is greater than 600°C. The uniaxial compressive strength and static and dynamic elastic modulus exhibit decrease trend with temperature increasing, but the variation is not obvious before 400°C, while the change is sharply when the temperature exceed 400°C. 400°C and 600°C are two critical temperature thresholds, the temperature range was divided into three stages, which namely steady development stage (20-400°C), transformed development stage (400-600°C), continue development stage (600-1000°C) according to the variation of macro-parameters.

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