In the Ying-Qiong Basin, HTHP wells face the problem of multiple pressure steps and complex pressure systems, so the drilling operation cannot be carried out efficiently only based on the predrilling seismic data prediction. The formation pressure prediction while drilling technology corrects the predrilling formation pressure prediction model and the prediction results in real time by using the pressure monitoring results while drilling, so as to increase the formation pressure prediction accuracy and protect oil and gas layers effectively. In this paper, a case study was carried out on offshore HTHP Y1 well. In this well, international advanced EquiPoise system is used for formation pressure monitoring while drilling. The formation pressure prediction model is corrected according to the actual monitoring results of formation pressure, and then the pressure of undrilled formation in the lower part is re-predicted. The measured pressure after the drilling indicates that the prediction accuracy of formation pressure based on this method is up to 93%. The practical application shows that formation pressure monitoring while drilling can be used to correct the formation pressure prediction model and increase the formation pressure prediction accuracy. It provides the technical support for the drilling parameter design of offshore HTHP wells, drilling plan adjustment and safety control.

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